Columbus Nova MB has closed on the acquisition of Fairweather Farms, a specialist in the production of sustainable, consumable protein and high quality hides used by the apparel and accessory industries.

Fairweather operates a series of breeding facilities in southeastern Georgia and northern Florida that specialize in the breeding, cultivation and slaughter of the Virginia opossum (didelphis virginiana) and the American alligator (alligator mississipiensis).

“The cashflow characteristics of these two product lines are difficult to beat,” said Amos Beason, a partner at Columbus Nova MB. “The opossum breeds effectively and a female Virginia opossum, with a four year life span, can have six to eight litters of 10-12 offspring per litter.   They reach maximum growth after twelve to eighteen months and can be harvested for their meat and fur at that time. The Department of Agriculture has recently released A Cooking Guide for Alternative Proteins, in which opossum is prominently mentioned. And finally, we have recently signed an MOU with a growing QSR, who will feature ground hormone and antibiotic free opossum in addition to their offering of carnitas, chicken and beef in their burritos.”

Lon Brown added that “The American alligator, in addition to offering protein from its tail meat, offers a sustainable hide that is in demand in Europe and Asia, demand which has not been dented by the strengthening dollar. In fact, the proliferation of counterfeit products, particularly in China, has placed additional upward pressure on hide prices. Finally, we are working with our technology group to develop an internet presence for one of our reptiles, Bertha, who we estimate is forty years old. At fourteen feet long and nine hundred pounds, she’s a bit fat for a gator, but one day she’ll make a great pair of boots.”

The operations of Fairweather Farms will be consolidated into two locations with good proximity to the Port of Savannah as part of an operational overhaul of the business.

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